American Fighter Series (and Other Tacticals)

These knives were named for the U.S. Fighter jets. All are ATS-34, double-edged, mirror-polished with a variety of handle materials. These knives are very sharp. They measure 12-13" overall. The handle material for each knife is identified; however, any handle material you desire can be used on the knives.


This knife features a full tang and double guard. The guard material is nickel silver. Handle material on above photo is stag. 


This is a radical new design, named for the radical new Air Force fighter. This is a redesigned old Tanto pattern, with equal guards. Only synthetic handles (those that provide camouflage colors) are available for this pattern. Handle material on above photo is G-10 Fiberglass.


Introduced in 2011, this is my only journey into the "Tactical" line. Knife measures around 8 inches long. Metal is available in 3/16-inch or 1/4-inch thickness. Handle material on above photo is G-10 Fiberglass.

Coming Soon: Sock, Randall fighters