Knife Care and Guarantee

All Harbuck knives are mirror-polished and, as a rule, are made from ATS-34 steel. New powdered steels are also being used as the industry phases out ATS-34---these include CPM-154 and RWL-34. Other steels, including 440-C, are used on request. The knives are heat-treated professionally by Paul Bos (and have been since 1980). All knives are hollow-ground and sharpened to a very fine edge. They will do very well in a cutting capacity, but not very well when hacking or breaking large bones.

There are many styles which will not be shown, but will be available for ordering, including steak and carving sets, swords, hatchets, fillet knives, large Bowies, hog spears, etc. Inquiries are welcome. Custom orders will be accepted. Turn-around time on custom orders is currently running about six weeks. Call for details and pricing.

Although Harbuck knives are made to be used, some consider them to be collector's items. The diversity of knife and blade styles, as well as handle materials, makes them great gift ideas. Leather, handmade knife sheaths will be available.