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While browsing the website, you'll see several varieties of knife patterns as well as handle materials. You'll also see how customers have submitted their own patterns or suggested their own exotic handle materials, making their knives truly custom. All are handmade, so no two knives will be identical. Regardless of the pattern or the handle, make no mistake---these knives are built to be functional FIRST.

You will see some "named" patterns offered, and if you find a particular picture that perfectly matches what it is you want to own, then that's great. But, what's more likely to happen is that you kinda like pattern #8---if it had a double edge---and about two inches longer---with a nickel double-guard instead of a brass single one---and, what about a sheep-horn handle instead of boxelder---? Not a problem. Did you see a knife or sword on a movie, and think "yeah, I gotta have one of those"? It happens more than you'd think---contact me, let's talk about it.

Bottom line: I am committed to creating a knife you can use. I want to work with you to get it right and make you happy. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products and services by choosing Harbuck Knives.

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